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MIS - Telecommunications


Request for New Extension/Changes
(Staff and Faculty) If you need a new phone connection or wish to make changes to an existing phone connection, please print out the form below, complete it and return the hard copy to us in Rowland Hall Suite 334. This feature will be automated in the near future.


Pagers are available for staff, faculty and interns/residents only. MIS&T can provide you with a numeric or alphanumeric pager if you need one; call us at x6110 for more information, or fill out and submit the form below. Your pager must be returned when your relationship with PCOM ends.


All voice mail systems are not created equal. We urge you to become acquainted with the features of this voicemail system before you inadvertently delete an important message because once it's gone, even we can't bring it back. You can download the Voicemail User Guide; you may want to keep a copy near your phone.
Instructions on using PCOM's voicemail system are provided here.

If you need assistance with MIS- or telecom-related items, contact us at x6110.