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The PCOM Office of Financial Aid is comprised of a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing outstanding customer service. We strive to assist students with financial aid options and promote financial literacy while maintaining compliance with all federal, state, and institutional policies.
Financial Aid Overview Sheet 2014-2015 Financial Aid Handbook 2013-2014
New to financial aid? Our Financial Aid Overview sheet provides the essentials: important dates, tips, and resources on applying for financial aid for the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year. Financial Aid Handbook: Processes and Resources for Financing Your Education (2013-2014) provides numerous sources for grants & scholarships and can answer many of your financial aid questions.
F.I.T.T. website NSLDS website
We are committed to educating students on how to develop healthy financial habits during and after school. We have created the Financial Information for Today and Tomorrow (F.I.T.T.) program to help you understand the benefits of borrowing less today as well as how to develop a positive financial plan for tomorrow. The Department of Education's NSLDS website displays all federal student loans (Stafford, PLUS, or Perkins) borrowed while in undergraduate, graduate, and professional school. More importantly, it provides the student with the name of the loan servicer for those federal student loans.